Monday, May 28, 2012

I think I still have pregnancy brain

Some moms have told me that "pregnancy brain" never really goes away.  So is it the cause of me not being able to make a decision about anything?  Like even simple decisions?  And then just a moment ago I was like, "Oh, this is the time of year we are usually on vacation." (as I sat there with this day-dreaming look in my eye).  And then I was like WAIT A MINUTE!  This is MAY, not September.  Oh dear!  I was confusing Memorial Day with Labor Day.  This is not good!  And then sometimes I'll be thinking so deeply about something that I'll forget where I not really, but I'll have to bring myself back to reality.  It's so weird!  Haha!  Ok, am I freaking some of you out now?  Please tell me this is normal after having children!  Ha!

And I apologize if I've already posted this page, as you can see, my memory isn't completely back to normal.  Whatever normal is...

A recent decision that was hard for me to make has been to take a break from design.  I've basically already been taking a break.  My time is precious.  Very precious.  I only have so many hours in a day to have time to think and be creative.  I have decided I want to devote that time to scrapbooking and other creative endeavors.  She takes two naps a day now.  My time during her first nap is completely devoted to exercise, showering, putting on make-up (because I don't leave the house without it!), and catching up on blog stuff (if that!). Second nap is like my breather, a time to relax a bit, but it's full of all sorts of stuff, like cleaning, organizing, prepping for dinner, scrapbooking, reading, or sitting on the deck and being a big ole lazy bum on those beautiful sunshine days.  Sorry, I didn't mean to go into great detail about what I do during naptime.  Ha!

Anyway, so taking a break from design (or maybe stopping for forever--who knows!) has been a hard decision for me to come to.  At first I wanted to please others.  When I mentioned my thoughts about stopping to Quent, he was surprised.  Then I wanted to backtrack.  But I realized that I needed to make this decision for myself, and not for anyone else.  I don't want to be a people-pleaser in that regard.  It took me weeks to decide.  And now I'm 98% good with my decision.  The 2% is still that longing to design and fear that I won't get back into it...but I'm ok with that too.

So I'm not sure when, but I will be having a big retirement sale at MScraps.  I will let you know when!

Have a happy day!

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Jamie R. said...

Happy Retirement. It's great that you can realize your limitations. I'm still working on that. When I ignore my limitations or have said "yes" one too many times (and usually to please others) I end up suffering.