Monday, July 26, 2010

Screaming for ice cream!

Hello! Well, guess what? I finally finished the 2009 vacation album I had been working on! *cheering* *clapping* I know, some of you are thinking, "I have boxes of pictures from 1984 that I'm still trying to scrap!" (I do too!) I wanted to get in on their 30% off sale at Shutterfly, plus free shipping. If their next sale is 50% off photo books I just might be screaming for ice cream! Ha!

This was one of the last pages I created for the album.

The album turned out to be 65 pages! You can view it here along with the last few photobooks I created. I did a lot of simple photo collages since I didn't want to steal away from the photos too much by adding a lot of other things. I like that approach. I can't wait to hold this album in my hands. It will be the first completed album with most of my own digital designs! *smile*

Tomorrow I start a new job working at a coffee shoppe! I'm a bit nervous! Eeeek!
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Loretta said...

Great you have to tell us about the job at the coffee shop. Which one? ...and...are you a barrista??