Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Yarn Tale

Hello! Hope ya'll had a great weekend! This weekend was a nice one for us...weatherwise, too! That's always a super bonus! We even started painting our house today! You know me and painting (we don't mix together), so the idea of painting the exterior of our house sounded great, but the actual reality of it wasn't so great because it involves a lot of time and detail. I'm a detail person, so you would think I would be ok with that, but it's no so with this kind of project. Our kind neighbor is letting us borrow his paint sprayer, so it's going to make the project go even faster! Whoohoo!

Ok, enough about paint, let's talk yarn.

So I started a new project recently. It's a baby blanket. I've been wanting to make a blanket for a few months now, but I was just waiting for the opportunity to make one. I can't say who this is for just in case if she reads this, but I can say that it's for a baby boy! I found the pattern here, from the Purl Bee (which is a super cool blog for all crafters, especially if you like yarn and fabric!). It's a super duper easy pattern (every row is knit). I am all for soft yarn and a soft finished product, so I researched what kind of yarn to purchase that would be soft, but not with too many $$ attached. That's one of the things I love about Knit Picks--affordable prices! I loved the color combos on the Purl Bee site, but I just couldn't justify buying seven skeins of yarn for at least $9.00 each.

I picked out five colors, two of the colors will be doubled. And that's what they will look like on the blanket. The middle color is a dark brown. The yarn is called Comfy Sport. I'm working on this project in between working on my sweater. I figured it would be good to switch back and forth to give myself a break from each one.

This is all I've accomplished so far...I have a long way to go! The yarn is super soft!
On another note, Quent and I ran on Saturday and we ran 5 miles! After we were done Quent asked me if I ever imagined myself running 5 miles. Nope!
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