Monday, November 17, 2008

Stories in Hand Assignment

I admit I'm a little behind in my Jessica Sprague Stories in Hand class. Day 6's assignment was to write down a story. I prefer typing, so that's what I did. I thought I would share what I wrote.
Q: Did you ride a bicycle? What kind was it? Do you remember learning how to ride it?
A: I was the tender young age of three when I learned to ride a bike, and that was without training wheels! I remember riding around the cal-de-sac and then up and down the street in front of our house. One time my dad and I rode on this children’s tandum together in the mobile home park we lived in. We were turning a corner on one street and a man who was known as “Itty Bitty” (it was actually the name of one of his dogs) was outside with that dog. The dog began to chase us. I don’t remember if I was scared, but I do remember my dad being very upset about it. My mom took a picture of me and my dad riding that tandum together that day; it’s one of my favorite photos of my me and my dad. Summer was gone, and with winter setting in, I forgot how to ride a bike! So I learned how to ride a bike again at age four. I remember how it was such a weird feeling to have to learn to ride again. My dad would run behind me, holding the seat of my bike, and when he thought I felt confident enough, he would let go.
In a way, I can see how this class and the materials obtained from this class are going to be a great way for me to share my stories. Also, I think that it will be theraputic. I know there will be tears and laughter as I go through my memories. I'm excited because I haven't made a scrapbook of my childhood yet, so this will be a great way to get those stories out and shared, even if there isn't a picture to go with it.

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