Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scrapbook Page & Loft

A scrapbook page...amazing! It's been a little while since I've created one of these. I had tried to scrap these pics before digitally, but I was having a hard time for some reason. This is a hybrid page. I like how it turned out: nice and simple.

These are the stamps I have (for now). I have a small drawer full of the word and letter stamps. I moved all of these stamps on the shelf to this particular shelf so it was easier access. I am often asked if these stamp sets fall from the shelf. Yup! And they go crashing down onto the second story floor...which invites the cats curiousity. It's always hilarious! It doesn't happen too often though.

Here is a view from where I sit (or stand) when I am creating. I still have a lot of space to fill up, right? Soon I plan on doing a little more organizing and moving things around. I would like to move my paper to a better spot and have my sewing machine out all of the time because then I would probably use it more.

What I really should do is read the books I borrowed from the library...nah!
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