Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another muse...

I've talked a lot about the importance of being yourself. Recently, I have had the opportunity to understand why that is so important.

When I'm not myself, it's because I have put a mask on and I'm in a sense "playing pretend". When I'm playing pretend, no one knows the real me, no one can touch the real me, no one can hurt the real me, no one can reject the real me.

When I live to please others in an unhealthy, unbalanced way, I'm not being myself. When I'm always saying "yes" to them when I really want to say "no" then I'm still wearing that mask, I'm still playing pretend.

Life isn't playing pretend. Life is real. And you are the only YOU! There's no one else like you...isn't that awesome?!

Recently I heard someone basically say that they were only going to love this other person only if they met their condition. It really broke my heart. At the same time it made me look at myself and wonder if I'm still playing pretend in some areas. Am I hiding the real me? Am I still afraid of being rejected? Am I trying hard to please someone just so I will receive their acceptance?

There is someone in my life that I have always wanted their acceptance. It has brought many tears and heartaches. But you know what? I don't think I'll ever receive their full acceptance because there are parts of me that they cannot accept. But that doesn't mean I should stop being me. I have to let go of wanting their acceptance. It doesn't really matter anyway.

That's why I've tried so hard to be perfect (at least that's one of the reasons). I think that if I am perfect and say the right things at the right times, then they will have no excuse to not accept me. But if someone cannot love me despite my imperfections and not living up to their conditions, then that's their choice. I cannot make anyone love me...I can only be myself.

There are going to be those people in life who will do things we don't like or understand...but we can love them anyway. It's not easy (not at all), but it can be done. If God says we are to love our enemies, then I think everyone else is possible to love, too. Ha!

Being myself means that I will do things that others may not like. And some of those may try to cut me out of their life, control me, or do other hurtful things, but it's important for me to continue being me.

No one defines my one! Christ defines my worth. I am who I am because of Him.

Stop and think about those people who you feel so comfortable being around. They love you no matter what. They don't judge you or make you feel like you have to change. Isn't it amazing!?!! We feel like we can relax, be ourselves, and we aren't afraid of hiding our imperfections. That's how it should be ALL of the time! And we can because we have that choice.

BE yourself, it's the best person you can be!

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Debi said...

Read Ephesians 1:3-8. Awesome portion of Scripture that sums up who we (as Believers) are in Christ. Puts life into perspective a bit, doesn't it. :>

Whenever I get to feeling "yucky" on the inside, I go here and am reminded of God's perfect love for me. He's the Man!!