Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Journey Begins

This isn't just a new scrapbook album journey, but also to show the journey that began on our 2008 summer vacation. You will remember when I started these pages a few months back. Because I felt "boxed in" with the pages/templates I set up, I no longer felt excited about scrapbooking our vacation pictures. The other day I delete ALL of the pre-made pages and started fresh. I think having those preset pages would have worked a lot better for a mini-album, but not a regular ole album. I feel that our vacations are super special memories and I want to record them that way.

Lots of journaling here. I did all of the journaling for our trip months ago. I'll probably use most of what I already have, but add here and there, too. I want the journaling and pictures to be the main theme of this album.

This page was hard for me for some reason. I like this one, but the one below is what I first started with...

I like this page, but I knew that it wasn't going to fit with the final look/theme of the album since I'm looking for a more worn, grunge, weathered look for my pages. The layout of this page (minus the strip on the side) was a template. But I feel that there are too many pictures on the page and my eyes fly around and are distracted. Ha! I felt that less is better for this particular page, so that's why I only ended up with 3 on the final outcome (which is pictured above this page). I wasn't particularily excited about these first pictures from our trip anyway...especially compared with the pictures we took later on in our trip.

Photoshop CS4 has this new feature in the adjustments called "Vibrance" and I LOVE, love, LOVE it!! It's like magic! I've always wanted more vibrant pictures and this tool definitely grants my wish for that.
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Winter said...

Great pages! I have been checking out your blog for awhile and I just love it. I just started my own blog last week and was awarded an award. They have to be passed on so I thought you were very deserving of it. Please check out my blog to see the award and how to pass it on too at
Have a Blessed day!

Debi said...

What fun pictures. My husband surprised me with a trip to Alaska for this summer to celebrate our Anniversary. I'm really exctied to see Alaska in all its grandeur.